Three years ago, I made a guide on how to make a resume in React. Since then, I’ve been told the library I use no longer works. Along with that, I thought of just a better way in general to achieve the same outcome. First, I’m going to teach how to make the resume in HTML or React. Then, I’m going to explain why this is better than my previous version.

Be sure to check out my YouTube video on this if you want a more visual or auditory explanation:

Check out my website where I still use the…

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I also have a youtube version of this article! Please check it out if you’re a more audible and visual learner.

YouTube link:

Open your phone, and look at all the applications you use. Most of them are probably available in other languages. It’s not something we usually think about, but it’s super important!

Internationalization of your application is important if you want to make your product accessible to more people. This doesn’t just mean people in other countries, this also is important for people whose native language is not English.

If you’re an engineer tasked with adding translations…


What? You heard correct. Let’s make a Resume using React. I tried searching for a few hours to see if anyone else had done it, but I couldn’t find any clear steps to doing so. I had to hack together a solution that acted exactly how I wanted. These features set my method apart from other existing methods:

  • Export the React object(s) as a Letter or A4 sized PDF with the click of a button, for people interested in collecting a PDF of my resume.
  • Have the ability to highlight text that appears (and even provide linking capabilities)
  • Allow SVGs…

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